Minerva's MIDI Archive




01/01/1999 Freak Out (recorded by Kool and the Gang)

01/02/1999 Sunrise Sunset (sequenced by Harry Todd) from "Fidler on the Roof"

01/03/1999 Love Letters In The Sand (recorded by Patsy Kline)

01/04/1999 Brown-Eyed Girl (recorded by Van Morrison)

01/05/1999 Take Me Out To The Ballgame

01/06/1999 Eight Days A Week (recorded by The Beatles on their “Beatles For Sale” album)

01/07/1999 theme from "Home Alone"

01/08/1999 If I Didn't Care (recorded by The Ink Spots)

01/09/1999 theme from "Soap"

01/12/1999 Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?

01/13/1999 Blues

01/14/1999 Beautiful Dreamer

01/15/1999 Charade (written by Henry Mancini) (Arranged by Chet Atkins)
                   theme from the film of the same title

01/16/1999 Happy Trails (recorded by Roy Rogers)

01/17/1999 Knock Three Times

01/18/1999 Jump (recorded by Van Halen)

01/19/1999 Battle Hymn Of The Republic (redneck version)

01/20/1999 Matthäuspassion #115 - Was mein Gott will, das g'scheh allzeit
(composed by Johann Sebastian Bach) (1685-1750) Passion    

01/21/1999 Sweet Surrender (recorded by Sarah McLachlan)

01/22/1999 How Insensitive

01/23/1999 Uptown Girl (recorded by Billy Joel)

01/24/1999 Stormy Weather (recorded by Lena Horne)

01/25/1999 What A Wonderful World (recorded by Louis Armstrong)

01/26/1999 theme from "Mad About You" The Final Frontier

01/27/1999 You Belong To Me

01/28/1999 “The Four Seasons” (Le Quattro Stagioni) Op.8 No.1 - Spring in E
                   (composed by Antonio Vivaldi) (1678-1741) Italian

01/29/1999 Diary (recorded by Bread)

01/30/1999 De l'aube à midi sur la mer
(composed by Claude Debussy) (1862-1918) French
                   (sequenced by M.Abelson) (148k)

01/31/1999 Austrian Symphony No. 5 adagietto
                   (composed by Gustav Mahler) (1860-1911)
                   (sequenced by M.Yokota)

02/01/1999 Ticket To Ride (recorded by The Beatles on their “Help” album)

02/02/1999 Wild Thing The Troggs

02/03/1999 The Long And Winding Road
(recorded by The Beatles on their “Let It Be” album)

02/04/1999 I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen
                   (written by Rogers and Hammerstein for “The Sound of Music”)

02/05/1999 Bad Dog No Biscuit (recorded by Daron Norwood)
                   (sequenced by Bobby Keyes and Rimfire)

02/06/1999 Why Was I Born (written by Jerome Kern)
                   (recorded by Helen Morgan; also by Gogi Grant in “The Helen Morgan Story”
                   (sequenced by Jan Zachary)

02/07/1999 Le Nozze di Figaro, Overture Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91)
                    (sequenced by M.Dikmen) (67k)

02/08/1999 Long Train Running

02/09/1999 The Love Bug (recorded by George Strait)

02/10/1999 Puttin' On The Ritz

02/11/1999 theme from Back to the Future

02/12/1999 Chicken Dance

02/13/1999 Till The End Of Time (recorded by Mariah Carey)

02/14/1999 True Love from High Society

02/15/1999 Washington Post March (written by John Phillip Sousa)

02/16/1999 The Beat Goes On

02/17/1999 I Only Want To Be With You

02/18/1999 Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof

02/19/1999 We Will Rock You (recorded by Queen)

02/20/1999 Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

02/21/1999 When The Shit Hits The Fan from Sunset Boulevard the musical
                  (written by Andrew Lloyd Weber)

02/22/1999 Imagine (written and recorded by John Lennon)

02/23/1999 Black Is Black (recorded by Los Lobos) (1966)

02/24/1999 Messin’ Around

02/26/1999 Perfection from Disney’s Oliver and Company

02/27/1999 Afternoon Delight

02/28/1999 All In The Golden Afternoon from Disney’s “Alice In Wonderland”

03/02/1999 You Never Give Me Your Money
                  (recorded by The Beatles on their “Abbey Road” album)

03/03/1999 Barbara Ann (recorded by The Beach Boys)

03/04/1999 The Lord’s Prayer

03/05/1999 Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

03/07/1999 Antique Dances and Arias - Suite No.1
                   (composed by Ottorino Respighi) (1879-1936) (sequenced by M.Lundgren)

03/08/1999 Ray Blues

03/10/1999 Back In The Saddle Again (recorded by Gene Autrey)

03/11/1999 Deep Purple

03/12/1999 It Don't Mean A Thing If You Aint Got That Swing

03/13/1999 Who Wrote The Book Of Love?

03/14/1999 theme from “Cops” Bad Boys (recorded by Inner Circle)

03/16/1999 Do You Know (recorded by Dionne Warwick)

03/17/1999 Wishin’ and Hopin’ (written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David)
                   (recorded by Dusty Springfield, by Dionne Warwick;
                   and by Raci Alexander (for My Best Friend's Wedding title sequence)
                   (sequenced by Deb Ackley)

03/18/1999 Be True To Your School (recorded by The Beach Boys)
                   (sequenced by Deb Ackley)

03/19/1999 When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again

03/20/1999 Everyone Knows It's Slinky from the Slinky commercial

03/21/1999 That's Entertainment

03/22/1999 Onward Christian Soldiers (sequenced by Dean F.H. Macy)

03/23/1999 Amen

03/24/1999 I Will Survive (recorded by Gloria Gaynor)

03/25/1999 Revolution 1 (recorded by The Beatles on their “White Album”)

03/26/1999 Revolution 9 (recorded by The Beatles on their “White Album”)

03/27/1999 Le Tombeau de Couperin Prelude
                   (compsed by Maurice Ravel) (1875-1937) French
                   (sequenced by R. Behringer) (39k)

03/28/1999 The William Tell Overture later used as the theme from “The Lone Ranger”

03/29/1999 Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away? (sequenced by Harry Todd)

03/30/1999 Redneck music

03/31/1999 Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder
(The United States Airforce Theme Song)

04/01/1999 What Kind Of fool Am I? (recorded by Frank Sinatra; also by Sammy Davis, Jr.)
                  (sequenced by Harry Todd)

04/02/1999 Anything Goes (written by Cole Porter)

04/03/1999 Man Eater (recorded by Hall & Oats)

04/04/1999 Rock Of Ages

04/05/1999 Walking In The Rain (recorded by Modern Romance)

04/06/1999 Lucky Star (recorded by Madonna) (could be sequenced better)

04/07/1999 Immortality (recorded by Celine Dion)

04/10/1999 The Wayward Wind (recorded by Gogi Grant)

04/11/1999 I’m Only Happy When It Rains

04/12/1999 The Wild Wild West (recorded by Escape Club)

04/13/1999 theme from Mystery

04/14/1999 The Volga Boat Song

04/16/1999 Don't Get Around Much Anymore (recorded by Duke Ellington)

04/17/1999 The Man Who Sold The World (recorded by Nirvana)

04/18/1999 Flight of the Bumblebee jazzed version
                   (composed by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov) (1844-1908); Russian

04/19/1999 Ode To No One (recorded by Smashing Pumpkins)

04/20/1999 Etude en forme de valse No.6 in Db
                    from 6 Etudes pour le piano - 1er Livre, Op. 52
                   (composed by Camille Saint-Sa‘ns) (1835-1921); French
                   (sequenced by J.Fall) (53k)

04/21/1999 I Wonder from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

04/22/1998 Arabesque No. 1 Claude Debussy (1862-1918) (sequenced by D. Mitchell)

04/23/1999 Where The Columbines Grow (the state song of Colorado)

04/24/1999 Gee, Officer Krupke from West Side Story
                   (written by Leonard Bernstein)

04/25/1999 Whale Of A Tale from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

04/26/1999 Blame It On The Bossanova (recorded by Eydie Gormet)

04/27/1999 I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together
                  (theme from The Carol Burnett Show) (sequenced by Deb Ackley)

04/28/1999 America The Beautiful

04/29/1999 theme from “Frasier

04/30/1999 Sisters from White Christmas (written by Irving Berlin)
                   (recorded by Rosemary Clooney) (sequenced by Deb Ackley)

05/01/1999 What's Going On? (recorded by 4 Non-Blondes)

05/02/1999 Faded Love (recorded by Patsy Cline; also by Elvis Presley)
                   sequenced by Harry Todd

05/03/1999 Garden Party (recorded by Ricky Nelson)

05/04/1999 theme from Friday the 13th

05/05/1999 Pretty Baby

05/07/1999 Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

05/08/1999 Facinating Rhythm; Facinating Rhythm (another version)
                   (written by George Gerswin) (1889—1937)

05/09/1999 Embracable You (written by George Gerswin) (1889—1937)

05/10/1999 theme from The Black Hole

05/12/1999 theme from The Rosie O'Donnell Show

05/14/1999 Movies Were Movies from the Broadway Musical, Mack and Mabel

05/15/1999 Seven Spanish Angels (recorded by Willie Nelson et al)
                   (sequenced by Dick Anderson)

05/16/1999 Joan of Arc OMD

05/19/1999 theme from Party of Five

05/20/1999 Horse With No Namea

05/21/1999 You Got To Have Heart from Damn Yankees

05/22/1999 Are You Lonesome Tonight? (recorded by Elvis Presley)

05/23/1999 His Eye Is On The Sparrow

05/24/1999 Bare Necessities from Disney’s The Jungle Book

05/25/1999 theme from Working Girl

05/27/1999 I'm Going To Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter

05/28/1999 If Tomorrow Never Comes (recorded by Garth Brooks)

05/29/1999 No News (recorded by Lonestar)

05/30/1999 theme from "Diff'rent Strokes"

06/01/1999 Love Is A Many Slendored Thing from the film of the same name
                   (recorded by The Four Aces)

06/02/1999 In Manus Tuas - 1.Adagio ( compoed by John Sheppard) (c.1515-60)
                    (sequenced by Richard W. Wheeler)

06/04/1999 Volare (recorded by Domenico Molugno)

06/06/1999 theme from St. Elmo’s Fire

06/07/1999 Big Girls Don't Cry (recorded by The Four Seasons, 1962)

06/08/1999 Before The Next Teardrop Falls—country

06/11/1999 Always (sequenced by Harry Todd)

06/12/1999 Heat Wave (recorded by Martha and the Vandellas)

06/13/1999 Secret Agent Man from the TV series of the same name
                   (recorded by Johnny Rivers)

06/15/1999 La Cucaracha

06/16/1999 That’s Amore (recorded by Dean Martin)

06/18/1999 The Irish Washer Woman

06/21/1999 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

06/22/1999 Bad Blues

06/23/1999 theme from Top Gun

06/24/1999 Suicide Is Painless theme from M*A*S*H

06/25/1999 I Heard It Through The Grapevine (recorded by Marvin Gaye)

06/27/1999 Against All Odds (recorded by Phil Collins)

06/28/1999 God Save The Queen (known as “My Country ’Tis Of Thee” in the US)

06/29/1999 Piano Concerto No.2 in C Minor (composed by Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninov
                   (recurrent theme in The Seven Year Itch with Tom Ewell and Marilyn Monroe)

06/30/1999 Only The Lonely (recorded by Roy Orbison)

07/01/1999 Am I Blue 1929
                   immortalised in film by Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not (1944)

07/02/1999 I Walk The Line (recorded by Johnny Cash)

07/03/1999 Yankee Doodle

07/05/1999 All The Way (recorded by Frank Sinatra) 1957 from Pal Joey
                   (sequenced by Mel Webb)

07/06/1999 On And On (recorded by Stephen Bishop)

07/08/1999 theme from Who’s The Boss

07/09/1999 Blue Skies

07/10/1999 Hot Blooded (recorded by Foreigner)

07/12/1999 Help (recorded by The Beatles on their “Help” album)

07/13/1999 Elegy, Opus 2 (compised by Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninov)

07/15/1999 Who Wants To Livae Forever? Queen (recorded by Freddie Mercury)

07/17/1999 Wouldn’t It Be Loverly? from My Fair Lady
                   (written by Allen Jay Lerner (1918-1986) and Frederick Loewe (1904-1988)

07/18/1999 theme from Brazil

07/19/1999 theme from Star Trek First Contact

07/20/1999 theme from Alfie

07/25/1999 On Broadway (sequenced by Deb Ackley)

07/26/1999 Ebb Tide (sequenced by Ann Marie Harmony)

07/28/1999 Malaguena

07/29/1999 Looney Tunes Hungarian Rhapsody

07/30/1999 We Shall Overcome

07/31/1999 Call Me Irresponsible (written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn
                   for the film, Papa's Delicate Condition.)

08/02/1999 O Perfect Love

08/03/1999 Mary Is A Grand Old Name (written by George M. Cohan)

08/04/1999 theme from L.A.Law

08/05/1999 theme from Combat

08/06/1999 Sincerely (recorded by The McGuire Sisters)

08/07/1999 Love and Marriage (recorded by Frank Sinatra)
                   theme from Married with Children (sequenced by Don Carroll)

08/08/1999 Three Little Fishes (sequenced by Ted Keener)

08/09/1999 Song Without Words (composed by Xaver Scharwenka) (1850-1924) German
                   (sequenced by C.Meesangnin)

08/10/1999 theme the films The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day

08/12/1999 Baby One More Time (recorded by Britney Spears)

08/14/1999 Evergreen (recorded by Barbra Streisand) from A Star is Born

08/15/1999 Rule Britannia

08/16/1999 It Wasn’t Supposed To Be This Way (sequenced by Bill Sandy)

08/18/1999 Around The World theme from the film of the same title
                   (written by Victor Young)

08/19/1999 Money Money (recorded by Abba)

08/21/1999 You Are So Beautiful (recorded by Joe Cocker)

08/22/1999 This Old Man

08/23/1999 How Do I Live (recorded by Paul Charik;
                   also by Trisha Yearwood (for the theme from Con Air)
                   LeAnn Rimes (sequenced by Peter Wolmaranse-mail)

08/24/1999 The Best That You Can Do the theme from Arthur

08/25/1999 Fig Leaf Rag (sequenced by Paul F. Wilson)

08/27/1999 Spinning Wheel (recorded by Blood, Sweat and Tears)

08/28/1999 Miroirs, Noctuelles (Maurice Ravel) (1875-1937); French
                   (sequenced by Jack Sirulnikoff ) (43k)

08/30/1999 Let Me Entertain You
a vaudeville song, later used by Gypsy Rose Lee and featured in Gypsy
                   (sequenced by Heidi Snyder)

09/01/1999 Why (recorded by Annie Lennox)

09/021999 The Pretender (recorded by Jackson Browne)

09/03/1999 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (recorded by Aerosmith)
                   theme from Armageddon

09/05/1999 God Bless The U.S.A. (recorded by Lee Greenwood)

09/06/1999 Orpheus In The Underworld, The Can-Can (Jacques Offenbach) (1819-1880)
                   German-French (sequenced by Mark A. Knezevic) (55k)

09/07/1999 Sleepytime Gal (sequenced by Herbert Harari)

09/08/1999 School Days (the old standard)

09/09/1999 Blow, Gabriel, Blow
(written by Cole Porter) for the Broadway musical, Anything Goes

09/10/1999 Prélude pour l'Amour (Jean-Baptiste Lully) (1632-87) French
                   (sequenced by Julio Feliz)

09/11/1999 theme from The Great Escapean old British bar song

09/12/1999 Any Day Now (recorded by Elvis Presley; also by Ronnie Milsap)
                   (sequenced by Deb Ackley)

0913/1999 theme from The People’s Court

0914/1999 theme from Perry Mason

0916/1999 Three Blind Mice

09/17/1999 A Sad Song from Sailor Moon (Japanese animation series)

09/18/1999 The Stripper

09/19/1999 theme from Lawrence of Arabia

09/20/1999 theme from The Pink Panther

09/21/1999 theme from Forrest Gump

09/22/1999 My Girl (recorded by The Temptations)
                   later used as theme of movie by same name
                   (written by William “Smokey” Robinson and Ronald White)

09/23/1999 theme from The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show

09/24/1999 All Or Nothing At All (recorded by Frank Sinatra) sequenced by Mel Webb

09/25/1999 The Lady Is A Tramp (recorded by Frank Sinatra)

09/26/1999 Hell (In The Afterlife) (recorded by Squirrel Nut Zippers)

09/27/1999 Day Tripper (recorded by The Beatles)

09/28/1999 The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B
a jazzy piano version (The Andrew Sisters)

09/29/1999 theme from Doogie Howser

09/30/1999 Don't Be Cruel (recorded by Elvis Presley; also by The Beatles)

10/01/1999 Nowhere Man (recorded by The Beatles) (from the album, Rubber Soul) 1965

10/04/1999 I Fall To Pieces (recorded by Patti Page) (sequenced by Donna Points)

10/05/1999 Anticipation (recorded by Carly Simon) (67k)

10/06/1999 theme from Pinky And The Brain

10/07/1999 Macho Man (recorded by The Village People)

10/08/1999 Helter Skelter (recorded by The Beatles) (from the album, “The Beatles 2”)

10/09/1999 Ring Around The Rosies (nursery song)

10/10/1999 Pretty Woman (recorded by Roy Orbison)
                   later used as theme of movie by same name

10/11/1999 Pavane-Capricho, Op. 12 (composed by Isaac Albéniz) (1860-1909) Spanish
                   (guitar arrangement by Tàrrega) (sequenced by Mark A. Knezevic)

10/12/1999 theme from Star Trek, The Next Generation

10/13/1999 Czechoslovakian National Anthem

10/14/1999 Forever Young (recorded by Rod Stewart)
                   later used as theme of movie by same name

10/15/1999 Gone Gone Gone (recorded byThe Beatles)

10/17/1999 theme from “My Sister Sam” television series
                   (recorded by Kim Carnes) (sequenced by Jan Zachary)

10/18/1999 If I Only Had A Brain (The Heart, The Nerve)
(recorded by Ray Bolger/Jack Haley/Bert Lahr) from The Wizard Of Oz

10/19/1999 Waitin’ For The Robert E. Lee
(written by Gilbert and Muir, 1912) (sequenced by Sue Keller)
absolutely wonderful!

10/20/1999 Close To You (recorded by The Carpenters)

10/21/1999 Electric Funeral (recorded by Black Sabbath)

10/23/1999 Uncle Albert (recorded by The Beatles)

10/24/1999 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) (recorded by The Tokens)

10/25/1999 Dancing In The Dark (written by Cole Porter)

10/27/1999 theme from Walt Disney’s Dumbo

10/28/1999 theme from The Nightmare Before Christmas

10/30/1999 Talk To the Animals from Dr. Doolittle

11/01/1999 theme from Saving Private Ryan

11/02/1999 Route 66 (recorded by Nat King Cole) jazz piano version (cf. 01/10/1998)

11/03/1999 Goldfinger from the James Bond film of the same name
                   (recorded by Tina Turner)

11/04/1999 Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jerico (a sort of vamp version)

11/05/1999 We Can Work It Out (recorded by The Beatles)

11/06/1999 What's New? (recorded by Frank Sinatra) (sequenced by Mel Webb)

11/08/1999 Put On A Happy Face (1960) (sequenced by Ted Keener)
                   (from the Broadway musical, Bye Bye Birdie)
                   (recorded in 1964 by Dick Van Dyke for the filmed version

11/09/1999 Lamentations of Jeremiah, first set in C
                   (composed by Thomas Tallis) (c.1505-1585)
                   (sequenced by Richard W. Wheeler)

11/10/1999 The Sunny Side Of The Street (recorded by Helen Morgan)
                   (sequenced by Thomas Thurston)

11/11/1999 There Are Such Things (1943)
                   (recorded by Frank Sinartra with the Tommy Dorsey Band)
                   (sequenced by Ted Keener) (21K)

11/14/1999 theme from Independence Day

11/15/1999 theme from Peter Gunn

11/17/1999 Dance The Night Away (recorded by Van Halen)

11/18/1999 Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen

11/20/1999 Sailing (recorded by Christopher Cross)

11/21/1999 overture from North By Northwest(composed by Bernard Herrmann)

11/22/1999 Our Love Is Here To Stay (written by George Gershwin)
                   (recorded by Frank Sinatra)

11/24/1999 Eagle (recorded by Abba)

11/25/1999 Thanks For The Memories
(recorded by Bob Hope—it became his theme song)

11/26/1999 Ramblin’ Rose

11/28/1999 theme from The Last of the Mohicans

11/29/1999 Killing Me Softly (recorded by Roberta Flack)

12/01/1999 Two Sleepy People (recorded by Frank Sinatra) (sequenced by Mel Webb)

12/02/1999 theme from Ali McBeal
                  (the sequencing could be better, but it is the only version on the Intenet at this time)

12/04/1999 Hark The Herald Angels Sing

12/05/1999 O Christmas Tree

12/06/1999 theme from Hercules, The Legendary Journeys

12/09/1999 theme from Vertigo (composed by Bernard Herrmann)

12/10/1999 Vers La Flamme, Op. 72 (composed by Alexander Scriabin )
                   (1872-1915); Russian (sequenced by P.Torgersen ) (30K)

12/12/1999 Ave Maria

12/14/1999 Teach Me Tonight

12/15/1999 Up, Up And Away (recorded by the original 5th Dimension)

12/16/1999 You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch from “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”

12/17/1999 White Christmas written by Irving Berlin
                   (recorded by Bing Crosby for Holiday Inn in 1942
                   and again for White Christmas in 1954)

12/18/1999 theme from All In The Family

12/19/1999 Greedy Fly (recorded by Bush)

12/21/1999 If I Loved You written by Rodgers and Hammerstein for “Carosel”

12/22/1999 Give A Little Whistle from Disney’s “Pinocchio”
                   (sequenced by Jan Zachary)

12/24/1999 O Come All Ye Faithful

12/25/1999 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

12/26/1999 Greensleeves written, I believe, by Henry VIII

12/27/1999 Penny Lane (recorded by The Beatles)

12/28/1999 Liebestraum No. 3
(composed by Franz Liszt, 1811-1886) Hungarian
                   (sequenced by Ken Stillwell)

12/29/1999 theme from The Civil War a film by Ken Burns

12/30/1999 That’s Life (recorded by Frank Sinatra)

12/31/1999 Celebrate (recorded by Kool & the Gang)